Exclusive Design

Design is one of our key services. We offer a free-of-charge design service so that you can have a variety choices of your own exclusive designs. We tailor make each one for you and it won't be available for others to see. We make it just for you. Get your own Customized Design, Customized Made today !!

nako pada design services


From Scratch to Final : Each step we take good care of your products. See more of ourProduction Care and Customer Service

nako pada quality services

Retail / Wholesale

We treat you specially : We treat all of our customers as they are deserved to receive. These are the conditions that you hardly find from other exporting companies.

No Minimum Order: No minimum order is required. A great opportunity for individuals, small companies, and even for large companies that wish to sell a limited-edition order, perfect for exclusive collections.

Exclusive Design: Enjoy our free of charge design service

Product Development: We do not just design. We do help you create and develop a better product in terms of design and usage.