Step by Step


design by nako pada
Starting with our designer team sketching variety jewelry and accessories. Just let us know what style and any specification you want.


jewelry mould
After the design is confirmed, we will make a mould. It could be beginning with wax mould and then it will be casted to the silver mould. Or it could be started with the silver mould depending on the design.

At this process, for a one piece order, the mould is the actual piece of the order.

rubber mould
The rubber mould will be made for the large production. The type of rubber will be chosen for the best result of the products. Most common used is the yellow rubber (the picture on the left).


At this process, it needs a great knowledge for the best result of casting, otherwise it could cause the flaw products (e.g. rough surface). The right temperature, the right amount of pieces per casting tree, the right proportion of gold/silver and alloy, the time used, and the types of casting machines. These are all relevant to the high quality jewelry.


finishing and polishing
We take good care of our products by taking more time and taking attention to details for the finishing and polishing process. Our skilled workers understand this point. You can tell apart between the low quality products and the high quality products with finishing.


Plating will make your pieces come out shinier and the beauty will last longer. The available plating types are silver plating, rhodium plating, yellow gold plating, and pink gold plating.

Inspecting (Quality Control)

quality control
We ensure that every piece delivered from our company has the same standard.


Materials protected scratches will be provided. The standard shipment is by FedEx. Other shipping services may be available. You may contact us for more details.

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